What you communicate to the world, and how others perceive it, should be a primary consideration for your business. Your brand should project your business’ strengths and grow with you as your audience evolves.


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What is a brand?

Simply put, a ‘brand’ is the design package that surrounds a business’ identity. It can be something as simple as a logo or design that identifies your business, to a more complex marketing strategy incorporating advertising and social media messages. Above all, your brand should be uniquely identifiable and able to distinguish your business from your market competitors.

Why is branding important?

Your brand should consistently reflect your business both authentically and creatively, showcasing its unique selling points. The branding you select will directly impact how your potential customers perceive your business. Your branding should act as a foundation to your marketing strategy. As such, your brand should both inform your businesses identity and be directly influenced by it.

But, why do I need branding?

In this day and age, without a distinguishable brand, a business will easily fade into the background. When done correctly, branding can actually increase your market value and allow you to attract the customers you are looking for. When you are showcasing your most authentic self, you will appeal to your potential customers through the messages you project. When you look at your branding, it should immediately bridge the gap between what your business does, and what you want others to gain from it.

Think about some of the biggest brands today; Google, Apple, Facebook… what do they all do well that leave their competitors in the dust? They each have a unique visual story that is instantly recognisable, and, through their branding, they communicate their purpose and vision.

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