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Creating our brand is often a job that we leave until the very end of the list... this can either be because we underestimate its importance, or because we just don't know where to start...

Define your purpose...

To begin, it is a good idea to first start with outlining the following points:


  • What is my vision?
    If you don't yet have a mission statement, let this the be the beginning... write down a list of things that you want your business to achieve.


  • What am I providing?
    Make a list of your business' unique selling points. What products are you offering to your customers and how do you want them to perceive you?


  • What makes my business different?
    Similar to the first point, but also looking at what sets your business apart from your main competitors. Look at how your business will provide a different service that your customers will want to engage with.

Do your research...

The chances are... you will have already looked at other business' brands, and, without even realising it, have a clear idea of the kind of look your business needs.

It is always a good idea to look at your competitors, see how they have branded themselves. Understand what you as a customer are drawn to, and what you definitely don't want to project. Trust in your instincts, and choose branding that will clearly showcase your business' distinct point of view.

Key branding items...

Now that you have clearly defined your business' purpose, and you have a name that you are excited about... you will need to think about accumulating your key branding items to enable you to market and advertise your business.


A logo
The most important part of your brand. Your logo will stamp your business identity onto everything, making your customers instantly recognise your brand. Make sure your brand is unique, and from a logistical point of view, make sure it will look good at any size (from billboard to email signature) with the option to work both in colour and black and white. 

A tagline
This can often be overlooked, but a concise tagline will both explain what your business does and be memorable to your customers.

Branding strategy
As well as your logo, you should also create an overall visual brand for your business. You should define your brand's associated fonts, colours and visual message to give your brand an overall cohesive design across your social marketing, printed literature and website design.

Be consistant, be authentic and understand your audience. Your brand will support and pioneer your business.