Making sure you are always showing the best quality images across your social media platforms is as important as what you are posting.

Use this quick guide to ensure you are uploading the correctly sized images to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every time. 


Image Resolution
When you are uploading images to the web, you do not need them to be high resolution (72dpi is best). However, most social media platform image uploaders will have a built-in optimisation tool. So, even if you upload a 600dpi image - it may take a while, but - the chances are, it will be scaled down for you.

Do I need Photoshop?
In this day and age, no. There are plenty of free on and offline tools to edit and crop your images. Applebox Designs reccomends searching for apps (if you are using a smartphone) or downloading a free open-source program like GIMP to edit your images.

What is a Pixel (px)?
When you are editing electronic images, all measurements are depicted as pixels (smallest unit of a digital image or graphic that can be displayed and represented on a digital display device). 


Profile Image
Ideal measurement: 180 x 180 (rescaled to 32 x 32, and circular, beside posts).

Desktop: 170 x 170
Mobile: 128 x 128


Cover Image
Ideal measurement: 820 x 312

Desktop: 820 x 312
Mobile: 640 x 360


Profile Image
Ideal measurement: 110 x 110


Post Images
Ideal measurement: 1080 x 1080


Profile Image
Ideal measurement: 400 x 400

Desktop: 200 x 200


Header Image
Ideal measurement: 1500 x 500

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