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As well as giving a clear overview of your creative business, your website should also engage and allow you to communicate directly with your potential customers.

Are you offering an online service or product that customers can purchase directly from your website? Is your work commissionable for clients to request a quote? Do you want visitors to sign up to your mailing list?

Your website should encourage visitors to interact via a 'Call to Action' (CTA). This can be in the form of a mailing list sign-up that will allow subscribers to receive periodic news & updates from you, or simply a large button featured prominently on your website encouraging visitors to contact you for more information.


Examples of Calls to Action:


Do you have a newsletter or subscription list that you want visitors to sign up to?

Are you running a competition or a limited time period offer?

Call Now for a Free Quote
Do you want your customers to call you?

Buy it Now
Does your website offer online product sales?

Share This
Do you want to encourage visitors to share your post on social media?

Follow Me
Do you want visitors to follow you on social media?

Click Here
This is useful in a sentence to highlight links to other pages on your website.


CTAs should:


Be Eye-catching
Placement of your call to action should be prominant and obvious. This could be 'above the fold' (before the user scrolls your page) or as a large button. Remember: CTAs work better when they are simple, don't make your customers feel like they have to trawl through every page on your website before they find your contact details. By adding an eye-catching CTA on the front page of your website, your visitors will be easily directed to your contact page.

Entice Visitors
Visitors should be impelled to click your CTA. However, it should be completely clear to them what will happen when they do click it (no click-bait!). For example, rather than the vague 'Subscribe!'  try 'Subscribe to our Mailing List', or 'Subscribe for a Free Gift!'. By focusing on the benefits of taking action, your CTA will appeal to visitors and persuade them to click. 

Track Results
Where possible, you should be able to track how many people are clicking on your CTAs. If you are asking visitors to subscribe to your mailing list via your website, make sure you make a separate sign-up list to see who has signed up via that link. If you are asking people to enroll in a course, use a different landing page (or offer a CTA specific disount code). You can also track your visitors via Google Analytics to see how they are finding your website, and which off-site CTAs are most effective. 


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