Applebox Designs was born from a love of website design and development.


Established in 2007, Applebox Designs specialises in providing unique, affordable and individually tailored websites for artists and small businesses working in the creative industries. Focusing on a collaberative approach throughout the project, each website is uniquely designed and developed with an appreciation of imagination at its core.

The face behind the Applebox Monster...

The face behind the Applebox Monster...

Applebox Designs is a one-woman production, founded by Pandora Johnson.

I have been hand-coding websites since 1998. I first set up Applebox Designs in 2007, after graduating from my BA(Hons) Illustration degree. Being a fellow creative, I feel the most important aspect of a website is that it appropriately reflects the person, product or business that it is promoting in a fun and imaginative way (I can't stand boring, soulless websites!).

Whenever possible, I will incorporate elements of the client’s work into the overall design of the completed site. In this way all designs are unique.

As for cost... my aim remains to keep my fees as low and as reasonable as possible. I know first-hand what it is like to run your own freelance business, and how stressful start-up costs can be. Each contract is priced individually and full, free quotations are available to the client throughout the entire design process.

As well as Applebox Designs, I am also a full-time freelance illustrator / printmaker under the name iNKIDOT. I also co-run Green Door Printmaking Studio, based in Banks Mill Studios, which is also responsible for the International Print Exchange and the Derby Print Open.


What's in a name...?

What's in a name...?


The "Applebox" in Applebox Designs came first and foremost from my great love and respect for Jackie Chan, and his ingenuity where budgeting was concerned...


“We didn’t have the money to buy the airbag. ‘A half-million for an airbag? Forget it. We’ll use apple boxes.’”


In film & television, an apple box is a wooden crate and is used for anything that needs to be propped up or supported temporarily. In Jackie's films, he used them to perform death-defying stunts.

I love the concept that apple boxes, though small and unassuming, have the power to support and facilitate something that would have been difficult to achieve without.


Thus... Applebox Designs was born!