5 ways to look more professional online

Have you ever Googled yourself or your business to see what information appears? If you haven’t, it might be worth taking a look, as this is what your potential customers will be doing. When you consider what others can find out about you and your business online may be the difference between gaining or losing a potential customer, it is important that you ensure your online presence reflects you in the best possible light.

The importance of branding

What you communicate to the world, and how others perceive it, should be a primary consideration for your business. Your brand should project your business’ strengths and grow with you as your audience evolves.

5 Things your creative website should have…

Ensuring that visitors have a wonderful user experience when visiting your website, whether for the first time or as a repeat customer, is one of the most important things you can do for your creative business. This is especially important if your business is predominantly visual or you offer bespoke products or creative services.

5 Ways to improve your website in 2019…

As the New Year begins and your attention turns to resolutions and goals for your business, why not take the opportunity to look at your website and see what you can do to achieve more in 2019?

How to track visitors…

So, you have a wonderful new website to showcase your business to the world… But, do you know how many people are visiting your site or how they are finding you?

Creative vs. Business

I was asked recently what I thought the correct ratio of creative vs. business work should be when managing your own freelance business.